Coding & Making in Stafford, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Virginia
Dev published on 2015-08-15T13:34:32Z

As the summer of 2015 comes to a close, and we celebrate the students who ambitiously set out to learn how to program, engineer and entrepreneur their world, we look forward to the start of a new semester of learning and sharing knowledge with kids across our region.

Over 200 kids participated in kidOYO programs this summer. Here is the collection of their stories, projects, friendships, and diversity of experiences that each of them documented using the tools kidOYO is building at

In Stafford, Virginia the University of Mary Washington campus served as the backdrop for kidOYO to bring its unique program to students interested in computer science, engineering, entrepreneurship, math, science and more. Making a home in the Maker Lab, kidOYO students soldered, bug tested, imagined and built their interests with bits and atoms... and they documented their learning journey on their own websites, earning badges and respect along the way.

Learning to code and make with technology is never easy, and no one should believe anyone that says otherwise. It is a labor of love, not for the faint of heart, and it requires practice and a tolerance for failure to really master the craft. There are many different skills and talents that programmers and engineers need to acquire, and it does take time and repeated effort to build proclivity.

"Failing Forward" is not just a tag line at kidOYO programs, it is an approach that produces results. Empathy and patience are two unsung heroes met on the path of the talented developer-in-training. Test-fail-test methods of iterative improvement are essential to skill building and product development.

As you set off to learn more about computer science, engineering and entrepreneurship in Virginia, whether a young person, parent, UMW student seeking to get involved in top quality education programs and community efforts, or leaders from local corporate entities... make sure you inquire with kidOYO about the path ahead.

There is a reason why professionals have advanced skills, and it is quite easy to understand... it's "Love".

At kidOYO, we love what we do... its not a requirement, and we are not showing up late to get involved in a popular interest of young people... we have been here when no one else was paying attention, and the tools we are building at are designed for the advanced learners who we discover in every program we lead.

See you in the Fall of 2015 and in 2016 and beyond (maybe even at your school)!


Kids Learning to Code, Make, Own at University of Mary Washington in Virginia.

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